Soul + House + jAZZ = SHAZZ

But Shazz is more than this !

From the first EPs on Fnac Dance Division in the eighties, to F.Communication gems followed by a major deal for Sony in the nineties and Pschent for his last opus, Shazz has been our dear French secret, the genuine lover of deep house and mellow groove.

Shazz is a pioneer in the world of electronic music, he worked at his beginning with St Germain and Laurent Garnier, he has always tended towards the melodic and melancholic side of the genre, which is far too readily associated with partying and infinite, hypnotic, robotic invention. He has a creator’s love for jazz. However, this does not rule out lighter alliances with the white Disco that sprang up on the edge of the Eighties.

Sure, he’s been once on the cover of DJ Magazine, but he’s special. Labelled French Touch, but not cutting edge. His music is something that you cling to, that makes you dream about some bigger space. It’s intimate. It’s about moving from within.

He’s also a music designer who customized musical selections or original compositions inspired by the feel of a place or a moment. He shares his know-how as sound & music designer in creating musical atmospheres that will meet your desires, and fit your technical and aesthetic requirement.

Do not hesitate to contact him-for that!