Everything is written in the score. Except from the really important thing (Gustav Mahler)

Like the whispered scent of a perfume, the softness of a fine fabric, the delicate taste of a fine wine or the magic of beauty, the musical imprint of a place is also in the realm of the senses that transform a mere moment into a lasting memory.

The artist SHAZZ, pioneer of the famous French touch, offers this musical imprint, and creates another dimension of experience that not only surrounds a place but inhabits it, becomes it.

With a wealth of personal creations (6 albums, among which one was nominated at the French music award, internationally successful “Hôtel Costes” compilations...) and numerous partnerships (Grand Hôtel Park in Gstaad, Piaget, Moët & Chandon, Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane, Bang & Olufsen, Rémy Martin XO, Colette, Gap...), SHAZZ develops with ShazzMusic™ his know-how of musical haute couture, for prestigious places and unique events (hotels, fashion shows, high-end special events...).

Whether it is for customized musical selections, or original compositions inspired by the feel of a place or a moment, SHAZZ shares with you his artistic know-how in creating musical atmospheres that will meet your desires, and fit your technical and aesthetic requirements.