The story

Coming from the Techno movement of the 90's and indisputable reference of the French Touch, Shazz has built up a special place on the French electronic scene, thanks to his crystal clear and melancolic melodies that are his trademarks.

Shazz was born in Dunkerque, on December 24th 1967 , where he spends his youth and teen years. On weekends, he crosses the border, spends nights in Belgian nightclubs and discovers a then emerging and very active electro culture. Music Lover, he takes an active interest in all these new sounds that are spreading on the dancefloors, and very quickly takes interest in groups such as New Order, Depeche Mode, Art of Noise... and then later Chicago House and Detroit Techno...

In the mid-80's Shazz settles down in Paris, and it doesn't take long before he becomes a regular of the Parisian underground nightlife. Although he doesn't have any musical education, he begins to compose tracks. In 1992, signs his first 12 inches « Moonflower » on Fnac Music Dance Division. A few ones will follow before moving his contract to mythic French label F-Com in 1994. During these Years at Fnac Music Dance Division and F-Com, he meets Laurent Garnier and Ludovic Navarre (aka St Germain) with whom he composes and collaborates on different projects under the monikers L'n'S, Nuages, Soofle, Choice (Acid Eiffel). In the meantime he releases his own EPs under the aliases of Shazz (Back in Manhattan), Orange or Aurora Borealis (The Milky Way).

1998 : SHAZZ

At the end of the 90's, shazz quits F-Com and signs a deal with a major, Sony/Columbia. For the first time he can collaborate with « live » musicians , which allows him to extend the range of sounds in his compositions : trumpet, bass, saxophone, piano... Some tracks will be remixed (Innerside, El Camino…) by Deep House and Garage artist such as Blaze and Joe Clausel on the musical label Yellow Productions. The album was nominated for the « Victoires de la Musique » (the « French Grammys »).


With his 2nd album « In the Light », released on Epic, Shazz releases a House music album, with some pop and black music influences. Nevertheless, he stays connected to electronic music, inviting DJ Gregory for programming, Julien Jabre for mixing and Saint-Germain's pianist Alexandre Destrez (with whom he collaborates since « Back in Manhattan ») for musical arrangements.


The main tracks from Shazz's two first albums are remixed by the leading names in House Music of the time (Kevin Yost, Osunlade, Matthias Heilbronn…).


With this 3rd album, Shazz takes a new direction: for the first time in his production, the vocals are at least as important as the music. « Beautiful » is a sensitive pop-soul album of love songs, exploring all the aspects of love, and supported by the beautiful voices of Deborah Parker, Nancy Danino, Laura Mayne and Alec C.

2005 : HUMAN ?

« Human », released on Naïve, is truly a musical UFO. An electro-baroque parenthesis at the crossroads of electro and soul, mixing Shazz's and music arranger Dominique Massa's electro-pop sounds to countertenor Gerard Lesne timeless vocals in Latin, German, English or French.


Shazz releases his 4th solo album « Heritage », in March 2009 on Pschent. Heritage was recorded with longtime musical partners Thomas Naim (guitars) and Alexandre Destrez (keyboards) and supported by the powerfull voice of singer-songrwritter Michael Robinson (also heard on Martin Solveig's productions). From the Deep South Blues to Northern US cities' electronic music, from Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson to Mr Fingers or Derek May, Shazz delivers a subtle and touching album, taking the path of an electro-pop digging into Gospel, Soul and Blues, which have largely influenced his musical roots. Ths single Mirage was selected to be on world famous Costes Lounge Compilations (Costes 11 & Costes Decade).


« Beautiful », here we go again! This album is probably the most important of his career, because in it lays the sum of the sounds of his previous records and gives an insight view to what direction his music is evolving. That's the reason why ten years after its original release, Shazz wanted to give a second life to this album, enhanced with unpublished tracks and remixes from that era.


t's been more than 20 years now that Shazz's musical trip started. With EPilogue Shazz looks back at what's been his musical journey so far, with 6 tracks building bridges between the sound of the 90's and today's music, between Deep House and Downtempo, between the begining and what's not an end... The 3 first tracks (1993, Cafuné, Back Home) are a cheeky wink to his deep House productions released in the first years of his career on FMDD. The 3 following Downtempo tracks (On Your Feet, Air Kiss, So Sweet) recall the Chillout sessions of the hypest parties from back in the days. Epilogue is not the end of the story. It's just the end of a chapter. The story goes on... A new chapter, with an exciting twist, is opening soon…